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Voice of America News September 29, 2005
The Monarchs of Migration.(migration of the monarch butterfly and moths)
: An article from: Kids Discover [HTML] (Digital)

The migration of the monarch butterfly
(Danaus plexippus) by William H Calvert

The migration of the monarch butterfly
An examination of Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus)
autumn migration in coastal Virginia : An article from:
The American Midland Naturalist [HTML]
by Mark S Garland, Andrew K Davis (Digital)

The migration of the monarch butterfly
Sun compass orientation of the Monarch butterfly,
Danaus plexippus, during migration by Martin B Hyatt

The migration of the monarch butterfly
Migration minded: The yearly sojourn of heat-seeking Monarchs
floods Michoacan with colorful flight.
(Living in Mexico).(butterflies) :
An article from: Business Mexico [HTML]
by Patricia Alisau (Digital)

The Remarkable Flight of the Monarchs (Animal Odysseys)
by Lynn M. Stone

The Monarch Butterfly by Jean Thurman
(Paperback - September 1985)

Bloom's Butterfly Garden Basics
A butterfly garden planned and built by Thurgood Marshall Elementary School. Copy of plans, plants used and butterfly basics.

Butterflies and Butterfly Gardening in West Virginia
Information on hibernation boxes, host plants, food and habitat.

Butterfly and Bird Gardening
Information on plants and shrubs specific to Florida to attract wildlife.

Butterfly Garden Plant List
Names, colors, and sizes of plants used in a butterfly garden in Illinois, USA.

Butterfly Gardeners' Quarterly
Newsletter for gardeners and butterfly enthusiasts.

Butterfly Gardening
Factsheet from Clemson University on designing a home garden to attract butterflies. Includes lists of nectar and larval food plants.

Butterfly Gardening
Tips from the Montreal Botanical Garden's Green Pages on how to make a garden that will attract butterfiles. Advice on planning the garden and choosing plants.

Butterfly Gardening and Conservation
Photographs, diagrams, and types of butterflies. Focuses on butterflies most commonly found in Missouri.

Butterfly Gardening and Conservation
Information about many species of butterflies, including their life cycle, and the plants you can grow to attract them.

Butterfly Gardening for Ninnies and the Horticulturally Challenged
Xeriscaping with easy-grow, drought-tolerant plants that attract butterflies.

Butterfly Zone
Reasons to start a butterfly garden, and information about host and nectar plants.

Christina Mild's Rio Delta Wild
Articles about plants native to southernmost Texas, including notes on their use by butterflies.

Flying Flowers
Butterfly gardening in Florida. Lists of garden plants and how to grow them, information on butterflies and how to attract them, and how to raise caterpillars and butterflies.

Gardening for Butterflies
Detailed article with photos, butterfly checklist, and list of plants useful to Australian butterfly gardeners.

How to Make a Butterfly Garden
Instructions and pictures of correct plants, placement, preferred colors and butterfly anatomy.

Kingston Field Naturalists
A non-profit charitable organization, is to stimulate public interest in nature, the protection and preservation of wildlife, and to acquire and provide knowledge of natural history.

Marinduque Butterfly Culture
Information about live butterfly and pupae and educational tips about butterfly gardenning.

Milkweed Cafe
Offers informational books about raising, celebrating with and gardening for butterflies,as well as raising kits and gifts.

Milkweed Cafe's Butterfly Garden
Favorite host and nectar plants, and information on puddling, basking and shelter.

Milkweed Farm
Guide to growing milkweed and raising Monarchs. Asclepias seed catalog.

Monarch Watch : Butterfly Gardening
Host plants and gardening tips to attract the Monarch butterfly, Danaus plexippus.

Neb Guide to Butterfly Gardening
Sections on butterfly anatomy and life cycle, commonly attracted butterflies in Nebraska, attracting butterflies, a list of plants to attract butterflies and additional reading.

Plants for Attracting Butterflies in Central North Carolina
Notes on over 60 plants that attract butterflies and do well in the Piedmont of NC, with a list of local sources.

Smithsonian Butterfly Habitat Garden
Garden in Washington, D.C., with lists of host plants, tips and articles.

The Butterfly Garden
Active forum provided by Ask questions, give answers.

The Butterfly Site- Butterfly Gardening Articles
Articles on butterfly gardens, plants, and attracting butterflies to your garden.

WHS Butterfly Farm
Supplier of live butterflies and pupa, dried and framed butterflies from Marinduque, Philippines.

Learn About Butterflies and Moths

Butterfly Gardening
Tips from the Montreal Botanical Garden's Green Pages on how to make a garden that will attract butterfiles. Advice on planning the garden and choosing plants.

Butterfly Gardening and Conservation
Photographs, diagrams, and types of butterflies. Focuses on butterflies most commonly found in Missouri.

Monarch Watch : Butterfly Gardening
Host plants and gardening tips to attract butterflies. Includes a list of plants that are good for particular species.

All About Butterflies
A comprehensive on-line book about butterflies.

Animal Facts: The Monarch Butterfly
Offers facts, photos, drawings, links, and a free printable coloring page.

Beal School's Exploring Butterflies in Kindergarten
An up-close look at the bodies and life cycles of butterflies. Includes photos, drawings, scientific terms with definitions, and students' reflections.

Basic information about all types of butterflies; includes information about the life span and life cycle of butterflies.

Butterflies Along Alaska's Hiking Trails
Photos and information about Alaskan butterflies by Mary Hopson.

Butterflies and Moths
Contains brief information about these creatures and lists some common foods that several species of them eat.

Butterflies at the Field Museum
Explains the basic characteristics of butterflies, tells about their habitats, and shows photos from the museum's collection.

Butterflies North and South
Photos of butterflies from Canada and Peru, basic facts about butterflies, information about butterfly conservation and tips for creating butterfly gardens in 4 specific regions of Canada. Includes some games and educational activities.

Butterflies of North America
A comprehensive list of butterflies that are commonly found in North America.

Gypsy Moth in North America
History of introduction of the gypsy moth to New England, maps showing current locations, photos of the life cycle.

Jack Hulland Elementary - Butterflies On-Line
Watch an on-line metamorphosis and learn about the life-cycle of the Painted Lady Butterfly. Developed by Yukon Grade three classes complete with activities and teacher resources.

Mighty Morphing Monarchs
View interesting facts about the life cycle of a monarch.

Monarch Conservation
A new way of tracking Monarch migration through isotopes, and a theory that Monarchs make their way to overwintering grounds by finding the thermals.

Monarch Watch
Dedicated to education, conservation, and research of the Monarch butterfly, features information about the life cycle, gardening instructions, migration and tagging, and curriculum guides.

Monarchs and Migration
Lists ways kids can investigate butterflies. Also includes photos and stories. From the Science Museum of Minnesota.

New Zealand Butterflies
Offers biology background of butterflies, gifts, watching guidelines, and types of butterflies found in New Zealand.

The Butterfly Site
Includes information on gardening, biology, breeding, and conservation. Also provides fun facts, activities, and pictures.

The Butterfly Website
Extensive collection of butterfly information, including an atlas of butterflies, locations of butterfly gardens and houses, a photo gallery, stories, and information about obtaining grants to make a butterfly garden at your school.

The Children's Butterfly Site
Kids can learn all about butterflies and moths at this site. It includes a coloring page with the life cycle of the Monarch, and a gallery of pictures.

The Effects of Ultraviolet Light On Tiger Swallowtails
Student research project testing the effects of UV light on butterflies.

Where Do Butterflies Come From?
A simple hands-on look at the life cycle of butterflies.

Woolly Bear Caterpillar
Kids and Teens can learn the habitat, description, and range of the Wooly Bear Caterpillar and the Woolly Bear Caterpillar moth.

Arthropoda - Insecta - Lepidoptera - Butterflies - Nymphalidae - Danaus

Monarch Butterfly
Information on Monarchs, tips on raising them, and a large list of host plants for various butterfly species.

Monarch Lab
Research projects and information about the monarch butterfly and its yearly migration.

Monarch Monitoring Project
Results of weekly road censuses of Danaus plexippus, conducted every fall in Cape May, New Jersey, USA.

Monarch Watch
Dedicated to the study of the monarch butterfly and its yearly migration.

Monarchs over Chincoteague
Monarch migration research project at Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia with survey data, habitat information, and maps.

	The Butterfly Alphabet
by Kjell B Sandved

Gayla Monarch Butterfly Kite 48" Wingspan by Gayla

Keywords for Butterfly Jeopardy: 1. Antennae, 2. Caterpillar,
3. Chrysalis, 4. Cocoon, 5. Insect, 6. Larva,
7. Lepidoptera, 8. Moth, 9. Pupa.

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